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Job Description

The price for your job description is 10 Prevue Credits. If you do not have sufficient Credits to create your job description you'll be able to purchase Credits on the next screen.

The purchase of a job description creates the opportunity for you to develop job specific screening questions and interview questions following completion of your job description. As these features are new to Job Description Builder we are making them free of charge during the beta stage of development. We hope you take advantage of this free offering and request your feedback on your experience in working in Job Description Builder.

You can create Screening and Interview Questions to accompany your job description by selecting the box to the left of each add-on displayed below:

Screening Questions

Improve the effectiveness of candidate screening by creating job-specific questions that "screen in" qualified candidates and "screen out" unqualified candidates.

Screening questions confirm whether candidates possess basic qualifications. This reduces guess-work that leads to faster and better decisions on who to interview.

FREE during Beta stage
Interview Questions

Improve hiring by asking the right interview questions to hire the right person. The suggested interview questions follow structured behavioral interviewing principles which are "best practice" for predicting job performance.

The interview questions provide you with a guide for conducting effective telephone or in-person interviews. They are accompanied by a job-specific rating guide to help interviewers collect the best possible information from candidates and make correct hiring decisions.

FREE during Beta stage

Total: 10 Credits