Job Description Builder Intro

The Prevue Job Description Builder (JDB) provides you with an effective and efficient way to develop a job description for any job. JDB leads you through an easy set of steps to create a customized Job Description in less than 30 minutes by allowing you to access professionally developed content for over 12,000 jobs titles from entry-level to executive management.

Your Job Description also provides you with a benchmark for assessing an applicant for your job description. Once you have created your customized job description you have an opportunity to develop job specific screening and interview questions.

  • What JDB Gives You

    • An efficient method of generating job descriptions for any job type through an easy to use interactive system
    • Access to job-specific screening questions for initial telephone or web-based screening
    • The ability to create interview questions and an interview guide for face-to-face interviews
    • Access to a "Prevue Benchmark" outlining the characteristics of a high performer in any given job
  • Benefits of Using the JDB

    • Saves your valuable time. With JDB it takes you less than 30 minutes to create a job description
    • Saves money. JDB is an efficient alternative to a lengthy and costly traditional job analysis
    • Improves the quality of your job descriptions with professionally developed content
    • Interview only the best candidates. JDB's screening questions screen in qualified candidates and screen out unqualified candidates
    • Follow best practice in your interview process to make the right hiring decision by creating job specific behavioural interview questions in JDB
  • Why Organizations Use JDB

    • Job descriptions are essential for successful hiring. Job descriptions are the foundation of hiring, training, and performance management so it is critical that they are well developed.
    • Virtually all experts in HR management recommend that employers start by defining the requirements and demands for each job or position. This is a costly and time consuming process that only larger companies and government agencies typically implement.
    • JDB leads you through a simple process to define your job and evaluate candidates while saving you time, money and delivering professional results.